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Indiana Epsilon

DePauw University

Founding date: 9/1/1942

Installing Officer:
Grand President Amy Burnham Onken, Illinois Epsilon

Philanthropic Event:
Pi Burger Phri and Pie a Pi Phi 

Installation of Indiana Epsilon 

A local group, Pi Phi Epsilon, was formed in 1941. The group officially became a chapter of Pi Beta Phi on September 1, 1942. The ceremonies began in the room in which the third national convention of Pi Beta Phi was held in 1872, when DePauw University was called Indiana Asbury University. The Pledging Ceremony, conducted by Marianne Reid Wild, was followed by a Cookie Shine at the new chapter house in the afternoon. The next day, the first New Member class was initiated at Gobin Memorial Church, DePauw’s campus church. There were 33 members who received their shining new arrows. A formal banquet was held that night in the large dining room of Mason Hall, which was then the newest residence hall on campus.

Living at Indiana Epsilon

The Indiana Epsilon Chapter house has 27 rooms housing 70 women. The chapter house carries on the tradition of painting an arrow on one of the cement blocks in the stairwell after a member graduates. Big sisters have a tradition of painting a step ladder for their little that includes traditions such as symbols or quotes. The swings on the front porch are a favorite; countless hours are spent studying, talking or relaxing on them, and it is the location for thousands of pictures. The chapter house truly wouldn’t be the same without the porch swings.

In the formal living room there is a beautiful, large grandfather clock that was donated by the Mother's Club in 1967. It rings at random intervals and is quite loud, yet the members cherish it all the same.

Panhellenic Groups on Campus

Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi.

Philanthropic Service

The Indiana Epsilon chapter holds many philanthropy events throughout the year, but the most successful event is called Pi Burger Phri, which is held at the end of October every year. A barbeque is set up behind the chapter house with music and games, including “Pie a Pi Phi” where people can pay to throw a pie in a Pi Phi’s face. Prior to the event, members sell Pi Burger Phri T-shirts, where a percentage of the proceeds go directly to Read > Lead > Achieve®.

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award Winner from Indiana Epsilon

  • Nancy Ford (1991)