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Kansas Beta

Kansas State University

Founding date: 6/3/1915

Installing Officer:
Grand Treasurer Anne Stuart, Nebraska Beta

Philanthropic Events:
Pi Burger Phry and Ali Kemp Bandstand

Installation of Kansas Beta

Anne Stuart served as the installing officer of Kansas Beta, as she encouraged the women of a local sorority, Pi Kappa Phi, to become a national chapter of Pi Beta Phi. Pi Kappa Phi first began to petition Pi Beta Phi in 1911, and by 1915 it was confirmed that this society of women would integrate into Pi Beta Phi. The original petition of signatures is hanging in the chapter’s living room.

The installation banquet for the Kansas Beta Chapter occurred at Carnegie Library in Manhattan, Kansas; 23 women were initiated in the first New Member class of Pi Beta Phi. The first official chapter meeting was held on June 5, 1915. The ritual was recited and the newly founded chapter elected its first slate of officers.

Living at Kansas Beta

The Kansas Beta Chapter house was specifically built for the Kansas Beta in 1963. Along with the unique story each chapter member contributes, there are physical attributes to the chapter house that remind members of how special the home is. In the foyer staircase, there are arrows lining the railing, and the light fixtures give off the reflection of angel wings onto the wall. Recently, the chapter house was expanded. The alumnae took charge of the fundraising and planning, and the collegiate members feel lucky to have alumnae so willing to continue to make the chapter home unique.

The addition includes an entire expansion that will add on space to the chapter room, dining room and add two additional living suites on second and third floor. Currently, the house has a capacity of 84 women, which allows all sophomores and many juniors to experience living in their home away from home. One special room in the house is the second floor living area called the “smoker.” Back in the 1960s and 1970s, this balcony room was where members smoked. Obviously smoking is prohibited in the house currently, but the name has stuck, and members continue to use this comfortable living area as a hangout room for movies and homework. One fun tradition members still continue to do is date sendoffs. The chapter has a balcony overlooking the front walkway of the house, and any time one of the members is being picked up for a date, members flood the balcony and scream and send them off.

One unique item that is displayed in the chapter house is a mosaic setting of the Pi Beta Phi coat of arms. This mosaic was handmade by a Kansas Beta alumna and is very special to us. This coat of arms is presented in the front staircase to show off to guests and alumnae. The chapter house also displays the Balfour Cup, which was retired in 2001 at Kansas Beta. The chapter won the Balfour Cup three years in a row (1999, 2000 and 2001), which caused allowed the chapter to retire it into the living room showcase. The living room is also lined with the original documents that were published during the installation of the Pi Beta Phi chapter at Kansas State University. These documents and photos give chapter members a glimpse into the past of the founding.

Panhellenic Groups on Campus

Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi

Philanthropic Service

Kansas Beta participates in Pi Burger Phry and Ali Kemp Bandstand. Pie Burger Phry made its debut in spring 2016. The event took place at a large pavilion in the local city park. The ticket price included a meal from a local food truck vendor, for a few extra dollars, one could “Pie-A-Pi-Phi” of one's choice in the face! All proceeds of the event went to Read > Lead > Achieve®. In the fall of 2016, Kansas Beta hosted its 13th annual Ali Kemp Bandstand in honor of one of fellow sister Ali Kemp. Ali Kemp was a Kansas Beta whose life was taken after her freshman year at Kansas State. Her father, Roger Kemp, founded The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation, or T.A.K.E. Foundation. The organization hosts self-defense classes all over the country. And Kansas Beta hosts a class for free for all women on the community before Ali Kemp Bandstand. Ali Kemp Bandstand is a concert featuring a local artist and all proceeds benefit The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation as well as Read > Lead > Achieve®.

Notable Alumnae

  • Frances Allison Weaver, Senior editor for the "Today Show." Author of "I'm Not As Old As I Used to be," among others, and lecturer
  • Helen Eakin Eisenhower, Instrumental in founding Pennsylvania Epsilon

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award Winners from Kansas Beta

  • Chris Giza (2015)
  • Karen Milner Graves (1998)
  • Frances Allison Weaver (1997)

Balfour Cup Winner - 2018

Grand Council Members from Kansas Beta

  • Marla Neelly Wulf
  • Cynthia Rice Svec