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Ohio Alpha

Ohio University

Founding date: 12/16/1889

Installing Officer: 
May Copeland (Drybread-Reynolds), Michigan Alpha

Philanthropic Events:
Knoodles for Knowledge and
Arrow Sync

Installation of Ohio Alpha

The installation of Ohio Alpha took place at the home of General Charles H. Grosvenor, father of charter member Grace Grosvenor, on the evening of December 16, 1889. On the Tuesday before installation, there was an oratorical contest in which Grace Grosvenor participated. On Wednesday, a reception was held for faculty members and fraternity men. On Thursday, Bertha McVey entertained at dinner and Fannie Brown hosted a tea party.

Charter members included Bertha McVey, Frances Norton (Price), Corinne Super (Stine), Grace Grosvenor (Shepard) and Fannie Brown. Elizabeth Foster and Bertha Brown were the first initiates.

Living at Ohio Alpha

Ohio Alpha’s house holds more than 50 women in 26 rooms. This house was the first sorority house built at Ohio University. It has stood at 6 South College for more than 50 years. The Chapter House Corporation redecorates every year, and recently has added amenities including a sundeck, snack kitchen, study room and updated washers and dryers. Although there are a number of beautiful features to the house, what makes the place so special are the women who live there. The house, full of different cultures, styles and personalities, is extremely diverse and influential on campus. The members dine together every day and night, switching up seats each time. Members continuously offer support to one another and help with problems, big and small. It is a special tradition.

The snack kitchen is unique to this campus and to the sorority. There is a full fridge, dining area, breakfast station and 24-hour access to both fresh food and prepared meals, as well as coffee and microwave access. The chapter’s chef is talented and recently hired an assistant to better serve the chapter by creating healthy, substantial meals.

Philanthropic Service

The chapter’s main philanthropy event has traditionally been "Knoodles for Knowledge," where more than 500 tickets are sold for a pasta dinner at the chapter house. This year is the inaugural Arrow Sync competition, in which groups will perform lip sync routines in front of a panel of judges (including the Dean of Students!).

Notable Alumnae

  • Katy Anderson, News anchor for WSAZ
  • Lindsey Smecker, Steve Madden Fashion and Design

Grand Council Members from Ohio Alpha

Grand Presidents from Ohio Alpha

  • Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg

Grand Council Members from Ohio Alpha

  • Corinne Super Stine
  • Grace Grosvenor Shepard