Augusta, Georgia, Alumnae Club

Charter date: 6/6/1991

The History of the Augusta, Georgia, Alumnae Club 

This club was formed by Camilla Humphrey, who later served as Club President, along with other roles. Camilla founded this club when she moved to Greensboro, Georgia and discovered that about 15 active Pi Phi alumnae lived in the area. The club is a diverse group; the membership zip codes spread from Aiken, South Carolina, to Greensboro, Georgia. The club still has a core group of original members. The Augusta, Georgia, Alumnae Club prefers to do local literacy projects to support the national Pi Phi phillanthropic initiative of Read > Lead > Achieve®

Philanthropic Service 

The Augusta, Georgia, Alumnae Club is involved with multiple literacy projects supporting local schools and community groups.

Notable Alumnae

  • Camilla Humphrey, club founder and later served as the national literacy coordinator for Pi Beta Phi.