Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Alumnae Club

Charter date: 1/1/1961

Philanthropic Service 

From 2015-2016, the Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Alumnae Club began working with a local after-school tutoring center in Hattiesburg called Aldersgate Mission. The Mission is located in a low-income housing development, Aldersgate, which is in Hattiesburg. The club worked along with the Mississippi Alpha chapter of the University of Southern Mississippi spending time serving there through tutoring the older students and reading to the younger students. The club had a free lending library built for the students by prisoners in the Stone County adult learning program. It was filled throughout the year using books donated by alumnae club members at all of the club’s events and meetings.

Also during the 2015–2016 year, the club was asked to help organize and participate in the Fraternity Day of Service Signature Event in Jackson, Mississippi, under the direction and guidance of the Jackson-Metro, Mississippi, Alumnae Club. The club helped provide 20,000 books to the children of Mississippi. Throughout the club’s history, the Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Alumnae Club has worked closely with the DuBard School for Language Disorders on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. The club, along with members of the Mississippi Alpha chapter, has gone to the DuBard school on a monthly basis to read to the children. Both organizations have also supplied children’s books to the school regularly.

Awards and Club Recognition 

  • Club of Superior Performance (2016)