North Carolina Triangle Alumnae Club

Charter date: 1/1/1946

Other club names: Greater Raleigh North Carolina Alumnae Club, Durham-Orange County, North Carolina Alumnae Club

The History of the North Carolina Triangle Alumnae Club

Chartered in 1946 as the Raleigh, North Carolina, Alumnae Club, the club went dormant in 1947. It was then re-chartered in 1971, went dormant again in 1975, rechartered in 1993 as the Greater Raleigh, North Carolina, Alumnae Club and merged with Durham-Orange County, North Carolina, Alumnae Club in 2002. That is the year that the club’s name was officially changed the North Carolina Triangle Alumnae Club. This year marks another club rejuvenation; members recently held a Kickoff Brunch that was the largest event ever held by the club — 28 chapters were represented!

Philanthropic Service

Club members participate in the Boys and Girls Club of Brentwood event called Wake Up and Read.

Awards and Club Recognition

  • Club of Excellence - Region Two (2010)
  • Club of Superior Performance (2009, 2008)
  • Excellence in Communication (2010, 2009, 2008)
  • Province Winner as Ideal Club (1996)

Notable Alumnae