Seattle, Washington, Alumnae Club

Charter date: 1/1/1906

The History of the Seattle, Washington, Alumnae Club

The Seattle Alumnae Club is one of the oldest Pi Phi alumnae clubs. The club has a long and continuous history since its inception in 1906 through the present. At least 78 different Pi Phis have served as Club President, some with co-Presidents, and some have served more than one term. The club has been fortunate throughout its existence to have willing and cheerful volunteers of the highest order from all walks of club leadership and participation, who truly demonstrate their lifelong commitment to Pi Beta Phi.

From 1980 through 2008, the Seattle Alumnae Club hosted a Pi Phi Personality event, where outstanding Pi Phis in a variety of fields, whether from the Seattle area, from the region and even from the other side of the nation, came to speak. Since the late 70s, the club has hosted an annual Angel Brunch, which began as a raffle for a basket full of angel items, and since the early 2000s has become a silent auction, the club’s biggest fundraiser, and one of the club’s most popular events. For the last several years, they have had board members representing every age decade from the 20s through the 80s.

Philanthropic Service

For many years before the advent of Pi Beta Phi Foundation, the club hosted sales of Arrowmont items in area churches and clubs where Seattle Pi Phis were members. These items are still popular today when donated to the club’s annual silent auction. Volunteers have also helped with reading and tutoring at the Angeline Day center for Homless Women, providing books, magazines and other supplies.

Since 2005, the club has sponsored literacy events benefitting Page Ahead, an organization promoting literacy (started by Boeing employees) that has grown to serve needy elementary school students statewide. These events have included book drives, speed reads and annual literacy walks modeled after the inaugural literacy walk at the Tampa Bay Convention in 2005, in coordination with the Washington Alpha collegiate chapter. Members have also volunteered in Page Ahead selected schools where the needs are greatest, and have provided yearly support for Page Ahead through fundraising at its annual luncheon. Through the efforts of Montana Alpha Lacey Reid, the club’s Panhellenic representative, the club recently obtained 500 books for Page Ahead through the Fraternity’s FDS500 program. Members have also participated in the Champions are Readers® program, and the club has been a longtime supporter of Arrow in the Arctic. Finally, the club has held events at Glassybaby to benefit local philanthropic causes, including breast cancer research and the Northwest Kidney Centers.

Awards and Club Recognition

  • Club of Excellence - Regional (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)
  • Club of Superior Performance - Regional (2015, 2014)
  • Excellence in Communications - Regional (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998)
  • Excellence in Literacy Initiatives – Honorable Mention (2006)
  • Excellence in Programming Award (2013, 2012)
  • Ideal Alumnae Club Award (2003)
  • Nashville Alumnae Club Award (2004)
  • Premier Club (2012)
  • Top 10 Alumnae Club (2004, 2003, 1999)


Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg Crest Award Winners

Evelyn Peters Kyle Award Winners

National Panhellenic Award

  • Seattle Alumnae Panhellenic received the Citation of Merit Award and Outstanding Alumnae Panhellenic (2001)

Notable Alumnae

International Officers and Committee Members

  • Linda Knutzen Barbo, Washington Alpha, National Task Force on Alumnae Programming (1991)
  • Brenda Butler, Nebraska Beta, Director Finance
  • Kim Barger Durand, Oregon Alpha, Leadership and Nominating Committee 
  • Joy Vanasse Goodenough, Washington Beta, Anniversary Celebrations Coordinator; Alumnae Committee for Continuing Education (1991–92); Alpha-Gamma Province President (1992–98)
  • Pat Fiset John, Washington Alpha, Nominating Committee (1973-79); Nominating Committee Chair (1978-79)
  • Sherrie Pendley Liebsack, Idaho Alpha, Collegiate Foundation Ambassador
  • Ruth Walsh McIntyre, South Carolina Alpha, Foundation Ambassador, Alumnae Region Five Director
  • Margaret Sundberg, Washington Alpha, Gatlinburg Study Committee
  • Judy Smythe Sutherland, Washington Alpha, Idea Bank Chairman (1980–81)
  • V. Rae Symonds Olson, Montana Alpha, Loan Fund Chairman (1967–69)
  • Marian Hauke Thom, Oregon Gamma, Convention International Music/Pianist for the 2007 Phoenix and the 2009 Dallas Conventions
  • Kim Kimmy Tomczak, Washington Alpha, Foundation Development Committee
  • Sarahjane “Sally” Paulson Vanasse, Washington Beta, Director Chapter Programs (1964–67); Grand ice President (1967–69); Grand President (1969–73); Alumnae Province President (1954–58)
  • Aileen Aylsworth Welgan, Alberta Alpha, Convention Chairman 44th Biennial, Victoria (1962–64); Director City Panhellenic (1971–73); Chairman Alumnae Committee Continuing Education (1973–77)

Other Notable Alumnae

  • Linda Knutzen Barbo, Washington Alpha, community service volunteer and philanthropist
  • Fran Watson Bigelow, Washington Alpha, nationally recognized confectioner and founder and owner of Fran’s Chocolates
  • Shannon Larkin Bloedel, Washington Alpha,  U.S. Monoskier National Champion (1989); Canadian National Champion (1990); Olympic Silver Medalist (1992)
  • Patricia (Trish) Bostrom, Washington Alpha, International Tennis Champion; Lawyer, Bostrom Law Offices
  • Anne Bremner, Washington Gamma, Seattle attorney and legal commentator for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Court TV, ABC and CBS
  • Andrea Geddes Carroll, Nebraska Beta, Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington
  • Carol Wiley Cassella, North Carolina Beta, physician and novelist
  • Jen Cohen, California Epsilon, Athletic Director of the University of Washington
  • Imogen Cunningham, Washington Alpha, famed photographer and one of the first professional female photographers
  • Judy Strang Curran, Washington Alpha, chair of the Shore Run/Walk, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s annual fundraising event 
  • Kim Barger Durand, Oregon Alpha, Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Student Development, University of Washington
  • Jean Forstrom Gardner, Washington Alpha, First Lady of Washington State University
  • Cathleen Gustafson Hylton, Washington Alpha, Partner and Pacific Northwest Tax Market Leader, Seattle Office of PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Joyce Fellendorf Jackson, Pennsylvania Epsilon, CEO, Northwest Kidney Centers
  • Helo Dawson Matzelle, Washington Alpha, Author
  • Ruth Henderson Walsh McIntyre, South Carolina Alpha, Former KOMO (ABC affiliate) news anchor; nationally syndicated radio talk show host; twice selected as Professor of the Year, University of Phoenix
  • Judy Manville Runstad, Idaho Alpha, land use planning attorney; Partner—Foster Pepper, first female president of the Seattle Downtown Association; active in Seattle Chamber of Commerce; United Way chairman; recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Washington School of Law, the Washington Law Review Distinguished Alumni award, and the Law Women’s Caucus Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Harriet Buckman Stephenson, Washington Alpha, tenured Professor of Management, Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University, also served as Dean of the Albers School of Business and as President of the National Small Business Institute Directors Association
  • DeEtte McAuslan Stuart, Washington Alpha, philanthropist; she bequeathed $1,000,000 to the University of Washington and donated property to the Washington Alpha chapter
  • Pat Dalzell Volchok, Washington Alpha, Educator; Membership Diversity Chair in Seattle Jr. League; Community Relations Director Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, Costco Connect Columnist
  • Aileen Alysworth Welgan, Alberta Alpha, active on the international and regional levels for Pi Beta Phi; Aileen was a gifted teacher and Co-Founder of University Preparatory Academy, Seattle